Federica Masi,

Was born in Sicily( Italy) , where she starts at a young age with jazz dance and ever since she was trained in other dance disciplines like ballet, indian dance, tribal and techniques for body control like Yoga
Afterwards she moves to Spain where she finishes her studies in Arts( 2000) and where she discovers her real passion for oriental dance.


She has more than 15 years of exclusive dedication for teaching and spreading this dance art in Granada, where she has become a reference. She was educated with the best master teachers among them Narjess Montasser and she took a look deeper into andalusi dance by Farida Fahmi and Nesma, with whom she got the official certification for arabic music and  dance and andalusi dance, having the honor and privilege of taking part in “Al Andalus Proyect”. She keeps always learning and finding new influences. In 2014 she specialized in Madrid for oriental Dance during pregnancy by Aixa Laxmi.


She has travelled to arabic countries like Marrokko, Agypt, Turkey and Tunisia in order to understand more this millinery art and get deeper into her knowledge of technique, style, music and culture. This way she offers a high quality education and performances with a pure oriental style, adding a very strong personal touch

In 2014 she specialized in Oriental Dance for pregnancy by Aixa Laxmi  ( creator of Laxmi Method )


Member from more than a decade of different dance formations          ( dance company Zaar.Dunnia Hennia) with whom she represented her spectacles around Europe ( Spain, Italy, Greece, France and Switzerland )


 Since the beginning she visited medieval camps with her dance trio “Bailarinas Nazaries”


In 2015 she founders “La Nuba Gharnati”. A pioneer project of high quality, integrated by excellent musicians and researches of andalusi music and dance.

As a soloist she has performed in a lot of festivals and international and national stages, with her charm and elegancy as signature.

She teaches consistently dance lessons and seminars for dancers with live music. Besides, she offers workshops with different and catching topics, taking her even abroad ( Italy, Greece, France )

Organizer of unforgettable events of oriental dance and music like “Granada Art Oriental ( 2015). Spectacles and congress with different contents and topics which have reached a prestigious acknowledgment and success.

Debut of “Al Bidaya” with Zaar Dance company at Armilla Theatre, Granada 2007

International Festival “Bellydance Palermo” 2010, Sicilia

FEX, Festival International of Dance and Music in Granada, together with the music Band “Las Gabias 2011

“siquilliah” , la isla de los sentidos,/ produced completely by her, Palazzo Steri, Palermo

“International Festival de la costa del sol” 2011 with Zaar Dance company

Medieval camps in Huelva 2011 and 2013

“ Serata  donne , Luce e Suono.” Rome 2011 .

                EthnicMusicyDance Festival de Tesalónica. Greece 2012.

               Isabel la Catolica theatre November 2012

Con “Dunia Hennia y “El viaje de Zyriab” en Granada, el Teatro Isabel La Católica, 2012.

                 Nautoscopio Arte 2012 con “Siquilliàh, la isla de los sentidos”. Sicilia,Italia 2012.

                V Jornadas Interculturales “Convivencia sin Fronteras” 2013, Huetor Tajar.

“Murica Three Cultures” International Festival for intercultural coexistence. Murcia 2014

Room “Le Sonograf” Avignon, France 2015

III Summer Festival Cueva de Piñar. Granada 2015

Granada art Oriental, internacional dance convenction. Granada 2015

International Gala at Festival Collage, Alicante 2015

With her last project  proyecto La Nuba Gharnati’ Palacio de los Olvidados 23 January and March 2016.